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“Matt Duggan's ‘Everyone is Waiting for Tomorrow’ is something of a psychical pilgrimage, composed during the lockdown year of 2020. But the poems exceptionally juxtapose introspection with observance of a time that has been as eventful as it has been sedentary. In Duggan's postcard on contemporary plague -both physical and psychological- we get something like Daniel Defoe meets Frank O'Hara (and ampersand-happy Berryman). Duggan deftly employs postmodernist style to the greater purpose of big philosophical and socio-political themes. This is no superficial finger-on-the-pulse zeitgeist. Through dreamlike interlocutions on memories of the 1970’s and 1980’s, Laingian digressions on psychiatric affliction, polemic on retrospective cancelling, and swerves into vertiginous travelogue, these are poems on past futures and absent presents, haunted by ghosts of Ned Ludd, Ulrike Meinhof, "Banjo" Patterson, and the Berlin Wall, ‘Everyone is Waiting for Tomorrow’ is an exceptional collection”

Alan Morrison -Poet & Editor of “The Recusant”.

“Matt Duggan has the soul of a beat poet and reminds me of Charles Bukowski in that magic of strength and vulnerability that adds realism and resonance to everyday people. ‘Everyone is Waiting for Tomorrow’ is Duggan’s finest work”

Antony Owen: Poet - Shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Prize 2017

“When times get testing serious writers put their boots on and go to work and Matt Duggan can be numbered among them. If the water is poisoned he names names. He makes history beautiful, raw, and true. He knows the colour of our blood. All of this he makes classic for philistine times. This is poetry that matters, its savage, funny, and unforgiving”

Barry Fentiman-Hall: Poet & Editor of “Confluence”

“There is an urgency to Duggan’s poems that dare to speak out for us today. They cut through accepted layers of meaning the way a river cuts through mountains and rock to reveal the diamonds beneath. His distinctive vision encompasses the world so we have high pressure and urgent poems that stretch into themes on climate change, Modern Pandemics, Dementia, and so much more, ‘Everyone is Waiting for Tomorrow’ is the pulse to the centre of our uncertain world.

Rodney Wood -Poet